Fire Opal Media is a game design and development company bringing together some of the very best designers and professionals in the gaming industry for a single purpose: to make great games.

The industry ecosystem is home to literally hundreds of game companies. What differentiates Fire Opal is our multistage design and development process that turns your vision into a compelling game solution. This process aligns our core team of well-known, top-tier game designers with skilled software developers and experienced testers that code your game solution to platforms that include Web, Social, Mobile and Xbox Live®.

Experience Quality Company Difference

Our design team has held senior roles in some of the industry's most popular and successful titles, including Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons®, Duels of the Planeswalkers™, D&D Miniatures Game™, D&D Tiny Adventures™, Star Wars® Miniatures, the Star Wars® RPG (Saga Edition), and numerous releases for Magic: The Gathering®.

Our development team has worked at some of the world's most notable software companies, including Microsoft®, Google™, Electronic Arts™, Disney® Games, IBM®, Activision® and Expedia®.

The designers behind Fire Opal have created literally hundreds of successful game designs. Across nearly every platform—from TCG and pen and paper systems to games for Xbox Live® Arcade, Sony PS3™ and PSP™, Facebook®, and Apple®'s iOS—we understand the intricacies of creating the right mechanics for the right game to accomplish a specific business objective.

Our commitment to quality extends to development. The Fire Opal team has development experience on hundreds of titles, including well-known Xbox® and XBLA titles such as Zuma®, Texas Hold 'Em, Lumines™ LIVE, and Perfect Dark®.

Everyone in the company has the opportunity to present and drive ideas. An open process lets members propose games solutions and drive those solutions.

A shared stake encourages smarter decisions. Members can make choices based on the specifics of a situation, because they hold stake in our company.

Designers own their IP. We allow designers to retain outside ownership of their IP. This lets us attract the best and brightest.


Jay Schneider, Founder & President

Jay is best known in the gaming industry for his work at Wizards of the Coast R&D where he was a designer and the producer for the Xbox LIVE megahit Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers. Other major credits include design producer for Shadowrun: Crossfire and final-design lead for Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonfire.

Currently, Jay is Fire Opal Media's Operations Manager and has producer and design credits on several of Fire Opal's designs including: Heralds of Chaos, the ENnie award winning 13th Age line (Executive Producer) & 13th Age in Glorantha. Jay also serves as lecturer in game design at the University of Washington.

Jay's prior work was as a Wearable Computing researcher at the University of Oregon, responsible for developing a social-space game-theoretical approach for Wearable Communities. Jay's research in this area also lead to the game Pervasive Clue a Wearable Computing live-action translation of the traditional board game “Clue”. Other early game credits include: The Sligh Deck for Magic the Gathering, the original game design for the SOLAR and NERO Atlanta family of LARPs, and source material for the Championship Chess line of Chess books.

Jay holds a BS in Computer Science from Georgia State University and a Masters in Computer Information Science from the University of Oregon.

Rob Heinsoo, Founder & Lead Designer

Rob Heinsoo designs games. Having created dozens of role-playing games, card games, miniatures games and board games, he led the design of the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Along with Jonathan Tweet, Rob is the co-designer and current Line Editor of the ENnie award winning RPG 13th Age from Pelgrane Press, as well as the upcoming 13th Age in Glorantha from Moon Design LLC.

Other game designs include Three-Dragon Ante, Three-Dragon Ante: Emperor's Gambit, Inn-Fighting, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre and its sequel Rumble at Castle Tentakill, Legendary: Big Trouble in Little China, Dreamblade, Night Eternal: True Blood, the Football Champions TCG published in Europe, the Shadowfist set Flashpoint, and the first nine sets of D&D Miniatures. Rob was a member of the design teams that created Heralds of Chaos, King of Dragon Pass, the Shadowrun: Crossfire deckbuilding game, and the Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic permanent exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) in Seattle. Rob blogs at robheinsoo.blogspot.com

Rob holds a BA in Anthropology from Reed College.

Gerald Linn, Founder & Business Director

Gerald Linn brings over a decade of technology implementation, consumer strategy and business development experience to his position. Gerald has gained the full knowledge base of the Software Development Life cycle by methodically mastering each role and then moving to the next logical position. This unique experience base of Corporate Sales, Software Analysis, Development, and Project Management led to his most recent role at IBM as one of the youngest Project Executives in company history.

Prior to his joining the Co-Op Gerald has led consultative strategy and implementation projects while holding roles at companies including Microsoft, Expedia, and IBM Fortune 500 Clients. Project results have changed consumer marketing strategies, altered sales education and consumer discovery, redirected multi-year technology strategies, reduced development cycles, and provided significant impact to corporate revenues.

Gerald holds a B.S. in Analytical Chemistry and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. He is also an avid Marathon runner and amateur comedian.


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Fire Opal Media, 13th Age
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Last updated February 5th, 2013
Applicable to Non-Commercial Activity
The 13th Age community is an intelligent, creative, dedicated, and enthusiastic group of people, and we at Fire Opal Media appreciate and value the contributions of our community members. This Community Use Policy is designed to encourage you to spread your enthusiasm and creativity while respecting ownership of our copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual properties.

While copyright and trademark laws protect our property, they also prevent you from using our intellectual properties in most circumstances. That means that you are generally prohibited from using any of our logos, images, or other trademarks or copyrighted content without our consent. This policy grants you the consent to use some of our intellectual property under certain circumstances.

This policy authorizes certain non-commercial use of the 13thAge - related material specifically identified in the Permissions section of this policy ("13th Age Material").

When we say "non-commercial," we mean you cannot sell or otherwise charge anyone for access to content used under this Policy. If you make any commercial use of 13th Age Material, your rights under this Policy will be automatically terminated, and any permission granted by this Policy will be immediately revoked. If Fire Opal Media believes that you are in the publishing business, you are considered to be a commercial user, and you are not granted any right to use any 13th Age Material under this Policy. (Commercial users may be able to use or license certain 13th Age Material outside of this Policy and the Archmage Engine with our express written consent. If you are interested in securing permission or a license, please contact us at business@fireopalmedia.com)

Usage Requirements

To use 13th Age Material under this Policy you must include the following notice in plainly legible and accessible form in each product or on each website that uses any 13th Age Material:

"This [website, character sheet, or whatever it is] uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Fire Opal Media, which are used under the Fire Opal Media, 13th Age Community Use Policy. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This [website, character sheet, or whatever it is] is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Fire Opal Media. For more information about Fire Opal Media's 13th Age Community Use Policy, please visit www.fireopalmedia.com/communityuse. For more information about Fire Opal Media and 13th Age products, please visit www.fireopalmedia.com and www.pelgranepress.com."

By using content under this Policy:

  • You agree to not use any material in a way that suggests Fire Opal Media endorses or is in any way responsible for anything you create, or that suggests that you have any other relationship with Fire Opal Media, unless we have a separate written agreement that lets you do so.
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  • You agree to contact us through the Fire Opal Media website and submit a description of the material you are creating with links to the material as appropriate.


As long as you comply with all of the above usage requirements, we hereby grant you the following permissions:

  • You may use any 13th Age artwork not specifically marked otherwise found on www.fireopalmedia.com and www.pelgranepress.com. You may not alter the color, typography, design, or proportions of the logos or icons, or otherwise modify them.
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  • You may use the textual product descriptions, as they appear on the back of each product or in the product listings on www.fireopalmedia.com and www.pelgranepress.com, of all of the 13th Age products.
  • You may descriptively reference trademarks, proper names (characters, icons, monsters, deities, artifacts, places, etc.), locations and characters from 13th Age products listed on www.fireopalmedia.com and www.pelgranepress.com, provided it is clear that these are our marks.
  • You may descriptively reference dialogue, plots, storylines, language, and incidents from 13th Age products on www.fireopalmedia.com and www.pelgranepress.com in campaign journals and play-by-post or play-by-email games.
The permissions granted under this Policy are personal to you and may not be assigned or transferred without our consent. Please do not hotlink to images on our website, as we may move those images (thus breaking your links) at any time.

This policy in no way alters Fire Opal Media's ownership of any of our intellectual property and we reserve the right to amend, modify or terminate this Policy at any time. We will post revisions to this Policy on our website, so check back frequently to make sure you have the most current version.

*We at Fire Opal Media would like to note a special thanks to Lisa Stevens and Paizo Publishing LLC for allowing us to leverage their excellent policy!


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